Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Sort of Haywire Thinking. . .

Updating my blog is the last thing on the earth, especially when it comes to writing my new stuff down. This time, an urge from deep down the bottom of my heart compelled me to put my thoughts in black and white. It may not be all that important or essential to understand the hidden meaning behind this post, but it certainly depicts a very important phase in this rugged life of mine.” Taking admission in the coveted JNU is not a child’s play”, this statement was made by one of my seniors in the wily little air of north campus, Delhi University when I managed to crack the tough nut- the entrance. The whiff in the air was pertinent; I could sense something blowing in the air. The first day of the admission was completely freaking out to the core. The queue seemed scary at the beginning but then as things started falling in place, it appeared more than just a simple admission process. Swarms of politically active people were wading their way through the group of hopeful aspirants waiting for their tryst with the administration of JNU. The administration appeared totally off bounds as the number of students kept on increasing at a steady pace. I never imagined in the wildest of my dreams that the turn out will be humungous. More than the students, it was the rush created by their parents who were more than anxious to get their kids admitted. Half of the queue was occupied by either the guardians or the siblings of the students seeking admission. But my brother turned out to be completely the opposite. He stood right away from the queue, simply keeping an eye on me and waiting their patiently for the entire process to get over. The clock struck 1 with the “lunch” aroma hanging high in the air. I submitted my documents, received a token and was asked to come at 2.30 after lunch.

My hunger pangs forced me to taste the famous JNU fish curry with its awesome flavor roving in the air, attracting people to the small kiosk in large numbers. The rates had been inflated a bit, but they deserve all the attention in the world. The food was yummy, a total paradise for all the hoggers in the world. I got so engrossed in finishing off my lunch that my brother decided to move to his office and I was supposed to finish off the admission process on my own behest. After the lunch hours, I moved on to the famous “administration” building with that miniature token in my feeble hands to be welcomed by a huge rush of some thousands of people jostling, pushing and shoving each other to get their documents verified. The number of documents to be verified, a freaking 15 in number which can drive any sane person on this earth completely nuts. The saving grace was that I was able to spot a lot of familiar faces my DU, who were not only frustrated with the entire admission process but also tired and disgusted to the core.

A few of the statement below would make things more crystal clear:
“In DU, we just had one single form to fill-up and submit the fees along with. No hassles, no standing in huge queues.”

“One counter for receiving thousands of applications, this is certainly not the way we expected JNU to be like. Reputed university acting in such a disorganized way is the height.”
“Waiting in the line is not the issue but why are the parents also jostling for space in such a cranny old line? Why can’t they just leave their kids to finish off the admission process independently? They are over-anxious and over-hyper”
The last statement was made by me but it was definitely one of the most striking things around. My turn came at around 6:30 in the evening and when I came out with half-completing the admission process, it was already 7:15. I was completely blown out (quite literally) in a way the entire university was organized. The next day was not an ordeal but thankfully just a simple admission process which just finished off in an hour. After a roller-coaster one and a half day of admission process, now I can finally proudly call myself a “JNUite” after such a tedious admission process.

A new campus beckons me. It’s a new world out there. Expectations are galore. Now I simply need to work my way out and find my destiny.


  1. apt piece of write...
    blv it or nt... it was nvr before dat I felt the urge to write bout 'admision proces'
    it was way too tediuos but i was sort of aware..
    Go thru this 'sumthing of a mocktale' by Soma Das... its JNU based novel.. u can be cautiuos n aware of upcoming journey... just a glimpse into our 'new world'. .
    though its rytly said.. its only 'long' admision process whch is d dificult part of whole cming 2 yrs. rest wd super frnly seniors n cafe(yumilicoius food) at every 100mts. things wud be Fun n smooth :)


  2. Nice writeup.I think I need to catchup with many posts.



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